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Vinyl Printing on Foam

Vinyl Printing on Foam

We now offer custom full color printing on 3D signs, letters and logos

Multi-color printing using a wide format printer with intelligent interweave technology

We wrap foam signs, logo and letters with adhesive vinyl printed designs, fabricating combo of 2D graphics with 3D props.

The result is a colorful and live-full addition to any Trade Show, Conference, or for any event.

The vinyl design, offered also in multi-color prints, is applied with a semi-permanent or permanent adhesive that can be applied, glued and mounted on foam letters, logos, signs and props.

The vinyl adhere best on Polystyrene, Sintra, Acrylics and foam boards.

Using our wide format printer, we fabricate complicated logos and signs, up to 8ft in one section, true artwork at its best!

The colors are vivid, realistic and make the entire project come to life.

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