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CNC Prototyping & Foam Modeling

CNC Prototyping & Foam Modeling
Topographical Maps & 3D Printing

WeCutFoam specializes in Prototyping and foam modeling meant for inventors, product developers, companies testing materials prior to production, and anyone looking to turn their idea into reality.

We use our own line of CNC routers and hot wire cutters as well as 3D printers.

We also fabricate Topographical Maps (also known as Topo Maps) as well as provide 3D Printing Services.

Prototyping moves you forward in the product design and implementation process. Weather you need to build a car, an aircraft, wind turbines or anything large scale, you want to build a small model first to support accuracy and fine details. 

Prototype is also a great way to show customers the development process of any product - Need to see it to sell it!

Rough foam model and prototype can give the customer the idea of how the final product will look like without spending a whole lot of money on the actual part.


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is used when non high accuracy is needed, and can be hard coated for durability. 

Tooling foam (HDU High Density Urethane) is used for molds and high accuracy, providing a smooth finish.

Other materials used for prototypes include Polyethylene (PE), Cross-Linked Polyethylene, Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), MDF, Plywood, Sintra, Acrylics, Plastics and EVA foam.

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