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Low Cost TEDx Sign by WeCutFoam

New Product Alert:
Low-Cost Affordable TEDx Signs Letters

We now offer TEDx (4) letters at 22.5" tall x 3" deep, painted red at an affordable price of $400

Not only these are low-cost letters, but they are off the shelf TEDx with a quick turn around time and speedy shipping time-line - Shipping  within 1 day of receiving the order.

This is an accesible, affordable and a quick solution for any customer looking for TEDx letters only (no white extensions), who is on a budget.

  • The sign is made with Styrofoam and the letters are individual (not connected) , so that you can move them around on & off the stage and for easy packaging and shipping.

  • The "x" is scaled and is on the ground, not floating-like.

  • The letters are shipped in a 24"x24"x18" box via UPS/FedEx. All you need to do is provide the shipping address, so we can calculate the shipping cost.

  • The $275 price for the 4 letters also includes a double-sided carpet tape at no cost to you. Peel the tape and place it at the bottom of each letter, then glue it onto the stage to add stability.

Great solution for:

  • Schools, Universities and any TEDx event organization that have a limited budget in hand.

  • Any TEDx organizers that need the sign ASAP with no time to spare on lengthy fabrication lead time.

  • Any customer that might have ordered from a vendor already, yet something went wrong, not being able to receive their order on time and are now in need of a "save".

We are a one stop shop for all your foam cutting and machining needs.

Wherever your imagination takes you WeCutFoam creates it for you!

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