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Acrylics laser cutting

Laser Cutting 

We now offer custom shapes cut on our CNC laser cutter
as well as laser marking on various materials

Fabricating low cost dimensional shapes using our laser cutters

Now offering economical solution for personal and for business use, creating dimensional letters, characters, logos, signs, props and décor, using different materials:

  • Foam (EPS, XPS, EPP, PE, XPLE, Urethane, EVA)

  • Foam Core / Foam Board

  • Acrylics / plastics / Plexiglass

  • Cardboard

  • Corrugated plastics

  • EVA Foam

  • Plywood & MDF

  • Stone

The laser easily cuts through these materials, allowing us to create dimensional pieces for signage projects, photo props, wall signs & décor, business signs, letters & logo templates, birthdays, weddings & any event, upgrading the scenery.

The laser cutting process is highly accurate, produces fine quality cut with high speed, and able to produce small shapes.

We can paint the laser cut shapes with regular paint or specialty one, or we can wrap them in vinyl with adhesive backing for any specialty design.

Size can range from few inches all the way to 8ft, with thickness of up to 1". 

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