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Bacchus Sculpture

Sculptures & Statues

We machine and fabricate custom large-scale sculptures from various materials

We create 3D large scale sculptures and statues by machining them on our CNC routers. 

We fabricate them to our customers' requirements - either as raw foam, with hard coat, painted, hand carved, with platforms/bases or any other custom needs. 

Sculptures and statues used for:

  • Brand promotion, advertising and marketing

  • Movies, TV, theaters, Museums

  • Themed Environments & Scenic Art

  • Experiential Exhibits

  • Stores / restaurant décor

  • Trade shows & Conferences

  • Weddings and events

  • Public art and Lobby sculptures fabrication

Our team of designers and fabricator will produce any custom realistic props and sculptures you can imagine - 

No project is too small or too big to produce 

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