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oscillating knife cutting

Flexible Soft Foam Cutting

We recently purchased an Oscillating knife cutting machine and are now offering smooth accurate cuts on soft flexible foam and other soft materials

CNC blade cutting machine adopts oscillating knife cutting technology

The machine uses a blade in an up / down speedy vibration to achieve cutting.

This enables us to cut materials that cannot be nicely cut with a CNC hot wire foam cutter or with a CNC router.

It also eliminates the irregularities and rough edges, especially with the soft foam, providing high speed, and no deformation.

Among the materials that can be cut with the oscillating blade machine are:

* Soft Polyurethane (PU)

* Polyethylene (PE & XPE)

* EVA foam

* Cardboard

* corrugated plastic

* Foam core

* Rubber & Sponge foam


* Glass fiber, Carbon fiber

* leather

* Silicone rubber

The finished product is clean and the edges are smooth, with accuracy of around the +/- 1/32"

The Oscillating knife cutting is especially used for automotive interiors, car seat covers, seat cushions, steering wheel grips, insulation panels, upholstery cutting, research & development, packaging and tooling inserts, fashion industry, signs and decoration cutting and more.

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