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What Do We Do With Excess EPS Foam

Excess EPS foam for recycling

When we cut and machine, fabricate and create foam projects for our customers, we are left with a lot of excess foam material.

What do we do with it?

We Keep it Green - We Recycle!

Throwing it as waste in a debris box or trash can is not an option. For the purpose of recycling the foam we carry shredders, compactors and densifiers.

EPS foam compactor
Compacted EPS foam

There used to be a misconception that foam cannot be recycled, when in fact, you can shred foam with a shredder - turning it into small beads, you can use a compactor to compact the foam into pressed logs or you can melt the foam using a densifier foam melting machine.

Either one of these methods is good as long as you keep it green and do not throw away the material in the trash. They all reduce the volume of the foam by up to 98% its original size.

EPS Melted Foam
Melted EPS Foam

The densifier melts the foam into a long snake-like shape, then cools down. You can then further compress and press on the melted material to reduce its volume even further.

EPS Foam Beads
EPS Shredded Foam Beads

The foam shredder screen hole size will determine the size of the beads. Those beads can then be used to fill bean bags to create bags, toys, decorations and more.

Shredded EPS turned into bean bags
EPS Foam Compacted Logs

EPS foam compactor

The compacted pressed logs can be palatalized for easy transport to the recycling center. The foam can be mixed with wood, plastics, and concrete to create new materials such as insulation bricks for construction.

EPS Densifier melting machine
EPS Foam Melted Nuggets

The Foam Nuggets (melted material) is gathered in large boxes and palatalized ready to be transported to the recycling center


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