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WeCutFoam Fabricating Pre-Production Prototypes

We are often approached by our customers to produce prototypes for them. Those companies, mostly research facilities, army affiliated companies, investors and new product designers all need to perform testing on their new product prior to production. This enables them to make the necessary design changes if needed in the process form, fit and function-wise, and make sure they have picked the right materials before committing to spend the budget on mass production.


Here is an automotive headlights prototype we fabricated for our automotive design customer - machined with our CNC router, fabricated with high density Urethane foam then painted with automotive paint

We machine prototypes out of HDU (High Density Urethane), MDF, XPS, EPP, EVA and other types of foam, as well as from plastics, acrylics, wood and even light metals such as aluminum.

We also fabricate life-size large-scale models prototypes, cars and even aircraft parts

Here are wind turbine blades prototype we were asked to create

We also fabricate topographical maps prototypes for architectural companies.

Here is a topo map we machined from EPS foam for City of San Francisco. It was later poured on with concrete and used as a street display.

Prototyping helps in determining on the product design, the manufacturing process and the material options.

To lean more visit our CNC prototyping page on our website:



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