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Using Rhino3D CAD File for Designing Props

We love using Rhino3D CAD as our primary design software for fabricating props

Rhino3D is used primarily in architecture, prototyping, engineering, jewelry and industrial design, naval and automotive design. It allows us to develop really complex models and geometries. We use it for designing signs, logos, letters, props and furniture design illustrations, to show our customers how their idea looks like prior to executing the fabrication and production phase.

We present them with a photo-realistic mock-up, a rendering that basically simulates our end product to the fine details.

First, we hand sketch drawings of the product

Once the we modeled the object, we can export in a .STL, .STP or .OBJ format.

Rhino3D is a CAD software with complex 3D modeling tools, which allows us to create shapes with great precision and detail, from a drawing, a sketch or a 3D scan.

It enables us to accurately model our designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.

So, Rhino is a great useful tool for 3D modeling, but we also use it for 2D projects drawings. In any case, it is a great visualization aid tool and can also be used for 3D printing.

Bellow on the lest is the Rhino design of a modern wood table, on the right is the actual table CNC machined (prior to sanding, stain and paint)

Here are some more Rhino design examples

Take a look at this Tamagotchi - Rhino design and the actual prop itself


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