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The Connection Link Between WeCutFoam and Squidward

We are having lots of fun fabricating this statue. Basically, a foam replica of Venus de Milo, the famous statue posted at The Louvre, Paris, but with a twist (more of a nose twist). We call it Venus De Squidward

Remember episode 2 when Squidward was teaching art to SpongeBob? Squidward got all jealous at the beautiful sculpture SpongeBob made and put his tentacle nose on it. Well, we fabricated this statue at our "mini Louvre" shop.

We started out by scaling and splitting the Venus De Milo model into 5 pieces to be able to nest into our 4'x4' block of 1.5lbs EPS foam, then machined the 5 pieces on our CNC router milling machine.

We then glued up all the pieces together and hand shaped to get them ready for coating.

Then came the fun part - We broke off the original nose and hand shaped a Squidward tentacle shaped nose. We glued and attached the new "improved" SpongeBob style nose to the statue.

Next, we placed 2 thin coats of Durham's hard putty, to be used as the hard coating base. This is a great material to be used as a hard coat but also enabled us to give the statue the old-look texture and style. We sanded it a bit then applied 2 additional thick coats of the material. That also took care of filling in any remaining gaps and holes in the texture.

Et Viola! Venus De Squidward is almost done.

The real Venus De Milo exhibit at The Louvre is out here - can you spot it?

Now we need to do another round of sanding to shape as well as one last coat of the putty to seal up any remaining blemishes. We will seal the deal with sponging on a translucent turquoise paint, to give the statue a more natural weathered ocean-like aesthetic look. I think SpongeBob and Squidward would both approve


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