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Sintra Logo Sign for Cafe Stop

WeCutFoam has fabricated a Sintra PVC Logo Sign for Cafe Stop, a newly opened Coffee Shop in Sunnyvale, CA.

What is Sintra? It is a lightweight yet rigid board of closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) expanded cell sheet, with low gloss matte finish. The material is strong and durable and is great for exhibits and signage both indoors and outdoors.

We were happy to to be taking part in Cafe Stop coming to life - with the fabrication of three signs to be mounted on 3 sides of their new shop. We used our CNC router to machine the Sintra PVC signs, but we created it as mirror, machined from back to front. The Sintra was placed on the CNC router bed, the letters were routed out backwards. This is done in order to be able to drill the mounting holes in the back side of the letters. The mounting holes were also drilled on the CNC router to 1/2". Once each sign was made, we painted the sides of each letter in grey in order to give the signs a 3D effect.

Cafe Stop (owned by Falafel Stop owners next door) is meant to serve organic solution to the nearby school students, faculty, employees and all customers, serving healthy organic breakfast, food and bakery throughout all day.

To see more projects visit our Facebook Page WeCutFoam

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