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Santa Arms Props Fabrication

With Christmas around the corner, we were asked by our customer to fabricate 3 Santa arms prop for digital art movie for product branding. But, they only had a flat drawings photo, so what do we do?

No panic, we created a 3D CAD file from the photo in STL format.

This CAD will be fed to the computer that is connected to our CNC router to tell the machine how to create the prop.

We made some tweaks and changes to the CAD file as well as few versions as the customer wanted the hand to look waiving.

We then started with the machining process of each arm. Once machined, we sanded each arm and applied Epoxy hard shell coat on it for strength and durability protection.

We built a nice working station where we could hold each one horizontally to make it easier to paint

Once paint was dry we applied wood support fixture at he back of each shoulder, so the customer can secure the arms to the door for their photo shoots

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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