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Life-Size and Over-Size Foam Sculptures Fabrication

We have recently been approached by multiple customers asking us to fabricate large life-sized sculptures. We were super joyed as for us it is a sign for nearing the end of this impossible pandemic situation. Seems that live tours, trade shows, weddings and events are on the table again.

So, we joined forces with Good Co, a production company to create an oversized foam sculpture of Marc Billet, DJ for his 2021 National tour.

Lifesize EPS fdoam sculpture machined on a CNC router of Marc Billet DJ
Marc Billet foam sculpture for 2021 National Tour

We started out by uploading the 3D CAD file onto the computer, then machining EPS foam blocks on our CNC router. We machined the sculpture in parts - bust, legs, hands, base and syringe then glued them all together. We then covered the sculpture with drywall mud, sprayed it with Polyurea protective hard coat, sanded and painted it white

Here are some more examples of other large and oversized sculptures we have fabricated: Hueman 6ft face sculpture for a studio exhibit, Eval Knieval statue for a Pizza restaurant front, painted faux bronze, Roman God sculpture for a celebrity Medieval themed wedding and a 12ft statue of the Greco-Roman God Bacchus, turned on its head and smattered in paint.

All of these projects were done with extremely tight deadline from our customers, but it seems that at WeCutFoam we managed to turn the clock backwards - Always just in time!

In time for the tour, for the wedding, for the museum, the trade show, the studio opening and for any other event and happening


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