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How WeCutFoam Fabricated Google Play Hanging Logo

We started out by cutting the "G" letter out of high density Urenthane foam, also known as tooling foam. The letter was machined using our CNC router milling machine.

EPS foam letter

We then then used Bondo Agent to fill in any cracks or scratches the material might have gad, so will be as smooth as possible. It is a body filler bumper repair putty, used mostly in the automotive industry.

Bondo putty over EPS

We sprayed the Urethane foam letter with Filler Primer spray, again materiel mostly used in automotive industry. It fills in any imperfections, so assists the Bondo in filling any cracks in the foam material.

Filler sprayed over EPS

This is how the Urethane letter looks like after pasting the Bondo and spraying the filer.

EPS foam letter

We then painted the letter in black as required by the logo

Painted EPS letter

As soon as we finished with the "G" we went on to fabricate circular foam holder. We cut EPS foam on our CNC hot wire foam cutting machine, sprayed it with Polyurea hard coat and sanded it.

Polyurea Hard Coating
Sanded Hard Coated EPS
Sanded hard coated EPS

The last phase was to paint the holder yellow and red, then to glue the "G" at the center. We then added eye hooks so that the logo can be hanged from the ceiling.

Painted EPS
Google Play Logo

Here is a video showing the completed fabricated Logo


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