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How we fabricated Decor for Oscar de la Renta Exhibition - Collaboration with Kevin Daly Architects

Beginning of 2016, we collaborated with Kevin Daly Architects to fabricate some of the props, backdrops, settings and decor for the Oscar de la Renta Exhibit at de Young Museum in San Francisco.

The Exhibition called "The Retrospective" ran from March 12-May 30, 2016, and was created to pay a tribute to the renowned fashion icon, celebrating his career and achievements.

More than 130 ensembles which were produced by de la Renta House over 50 years were exhibited paying tribute to the well renowned influential fashion icon.

We created building platforms for furniture props and mannequins, mostly settings and background, with NY as a theme.

All parts were made of styrofoam - We machined the parts with our CNC routers as well as cut them using our CNC hot wire foam cutters, then coated the parts and painted it.


Here is the 24 ft tall Styrofoam replica of NY Chrysler Building we fabricated.

Since it was so tall, we created it in sections, glued them together and sanded it all.

We also glued vinyl windows to the building prop to create the realistic resemblance to the original building.

We Cut and machined 20 ft large scale foam frames for paintings and 12ft tall mirrors then coated them with hard coat Polyurea

We also created large scale wall backdrops and a 16 ft long baluster

For coating all foam props we used a Graco reactor spray system. The coating we used was a fire retardant Polyurea hard coat. This material resembles plastic and is durable on any foam project for life.It is great for multiple use projects, protecting from water damage, humidity, sun and corrosion damages.

Here is the baluster, mirrors and backdrops all coated and painted serving as a nice setting and add on to the gorgeous mannequins and gowns

To see more of our foam cutting and machining projects, visit our website

To learn more about the Oscar de la Renta "The Retrospective" Exhibition visit de Young Museum Blog or click here



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