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How We Fabricated 8ft tall Hashtags Props for Twitter #OneTeam

We were honored to fabricate large scale, oversize hashtags for Twitter OneTeam Annual Summit in Houston, TX.

We started out by cutting each hashtag from EPS foam, using our CNC hot wire foam cutters. Since they was larger than the foam block, we cut it in 2 sections and glued them together to form the hashtag. We then cut 1/2" plywood to fit and glued it on the foam. The plywood serves as a base for placing the decor and lights on top.

We created 4 different hashtags - One with gradient vinyl print, one with Marquee lights all around, another with acrylic mirrors with LED strips and a 4th one with flags vinyl stickers and lighted bases.

For the Gradient Hashtag we printed the design using our wide format vinyl printer. We then glued the adhesive vinyl onto the plywood making sure to smooth it evenly to eliminate any bubbles. For the mirror-like Hashtag we used mirror acrylic panels which we glued on the plywood then we placed pink LED strips all around the shape. The LED's are connected to electric wire and a power supply, lighting up once hooked up to the electricity.

The Marquee lights hashtag we fabricated by cutting a 2.5" MDF trims placing them all around the shape, then creating holes with our CNC routers inside the trims. Those holes were made to the size of the marquee lights that we placed inside. We then covered the lights with acrylic circular protectors.

We fabricated the "Space" hashtag by gluing metal-like vinyl prints covering the plywood from all sides, then gluing the flags vinyl prints on top. We place a 4'x4' rod inside the prop then attached the circular bases to it to secure them in place, then attached the LED yellow lights at the bottom to make it look like the bases are suspended in the air.

This hashtag was displayed at Houston Space Center.

The last phase was to cut the birds logo from Sintra, placing LED strips at the back so that they will light up as well, then gluing them onto the hashtags

For more information and to see some more of our fabrications visit our Instagram page


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