Fabricating X-Wing Star Wars Fighter

How we fabricated the X-Wing Star Wars Fighter Spaceship

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

We wanted to create a 3D prop using a simple 2D machine.

We used our FCX848 CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter (our 2 blocks machine), which is used for creating two dimensional projects.

Using 2lbs EPS foam, we cut all pieces separately, then glued them using epoxy glue.

The result is 3D Prop that looks as if it was machined with a CNC router, yet was created by pieces cut on the CNC hot wire foam cutter - A 2D Machine.

Next step - We will coat the fighter with Polyurea hard coat and paint it.

Here is how it will look like once done. Next on our list of projects - We will create the Star Wars TieFighter

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