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Fabricating Props for Restaurant Chain

We had fun recently creating some props for Cucina Bambini restaurant. Late last year the customer requested a Chef figure, Rolling Pin, Pizza Slice and some Cup Cakes. They provided us with the CAD 3D files, we took it from there.

We used 2lbs EPS foam for all props.

We machined them on our CNC router. Some were created in layers since they were too big or too thick to be made in one section. All props were patched to make them smooth, sanded, hard coated and painted.

We machined the Chef 4ft high. First the head, then the torso and legs then the arms. We then glued all parts together. We hard coated it with Polyurea, sanded and handed it to our talented artist Paul Gonzalez.

Here is the prop as raw material prior to coating and painting

Here it is all painted and happy

We machined the pizza slice at 6ft high and 5ft wide. The pizza was machined with the food pieces on it in one piece. It was then hard coated and painted

The cupcakes were machined at 3ft high and 3ft depth, made in 3 layers glued together. They are flat on the back so that they could be mounted to the wall. They as well were hard coated, sanded and painted by our talented artist Julio Pardo

And here is a 2ft long Rolling Pin. Painted to resemble wood

To see some of our foam cutting and machining projects

visit our website

Visit our artist's website Paul Gonzalez Studio


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