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Fabricating Helmet Prototype Display for a Tradeshow

We were recently approached by Kav Sports to create a 4ft foam hockey helmet for a trade show they are participating in

The customer provided us a smaller 3D printed version of the helmet prototype. They asked us to create a 3D machined helmet that can be broken into pieces then put back together.

We started out by CNC machining the helmet shape pieces on our CNC router, using 2lbs EPS foam, then sanded all pieces thoroughly.

We then coated it with first prime coat of epoxy and sanded again

Then came the DryDex spackle - It's a paste we use to eliminate cracks, making the surface smoother and ready for the next coat. And of course - sanded again...

Then came the top epoxy coating

Then came black painting, sanding, then the finish paint

The last phase was to create the stand and the base. We also laser cut our logo and attached it onto the stand

Hard to believe this helmet is actually made of foam... Now working on being able to take the parts apart and assembling it all back again.


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