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Fabricating 90's Experience Museum Props & Displays

We had a lot of fun creating props for the new Experience the 90's Museum in Topanga Mall in Los Angeles, CA. Those took us on a wild ride in a time machine, back to our childhood

We created several fun large size props exhibits:

Disc Man

Nintendo Controller

Large cell phone

Realistic donut

Smiley face happy pill prop

All but the donut were machined from High Density Polyurethane (HDU) foam, the donut was made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Lots of sanding and some hand carving was involved.

We then hard coated the props with Epoxy coating, then painted them

We also fabricated LED back lighted illuminated sign for the 90's game show. The Neon sign was made from Blue opaque acrylic face with LED lights both attached to the back and inside to male a light box illuminated effect, with exterior shape out of Sintra material.

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