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Fabricating SF Ice Cream Museum Decor

WeCutFoam is very excited to have been a part of the fabricators teams for the newly opened Ice Cream Museum in San Francisco, creating the ground structures for the "Candy Land" Room.

We machined over 100 large EPS foam pieces to create the play ground structures, then hand sanded them.

We started out with a sketch file given to us by the museum designers. We then turned it into a 3D CAD file to be able to use our CNC router machines to cut the foam shapes.

We used five different CNC routers, with a total of about 300 machining hours.

We transported the pieces to the museum, glued them together on spot and assembled them. We then sprayed hard coating Polyurea using our Graco E-10 Reactor.

The coating used was hard, yet elastic so that the visitors will be able to step on the structure, thus creating an interactive exhibit.

The museum team then covered all hard coated structures with pink turf fake grass and fiberglass figures were placed on top. The room exhibit was created in the spirit of Candy Land children game, therefor the walls were painted colorful and the fiberglass props were gummy bears, lollipops and candies.

The end result is a Candy Land themed room, where visitors can walk on, play and take pictures aside the props and fiberglass figures.

The room decoration that we fabricated is one of many interactive rooms at the Museum. Others include ice cream tasting, letters magnet room, unicorn rainbow room, sprinkles “diving” pool and many more. In this place you can see, feel, touch, smell and taste the flavors. The museum designers and founders meant to create a place where ideas and dreams are transformed into real life experiences to facilitate imagination and bring people together.

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