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Fabricating 6ft Foam Knockout Prop Tool

We had quite a few large scale projects, and we love creating those, so you can understand our excitement when a customer asked us to produce a 72" long punchout knockout prop for their tool company

We machined it on our CNC router, using 3lbs EPS - the highest density of Styrofoam to add strength and durability. We machined each part of the entire tool separately, then glued all parts together

We used speckle drywall mud paste to cover any cracks in the foam and eliminate any imperfections. Then sanded again to achieve a smoother finish prior to applying the hard coat

We then placed Epoxy hard coat on top, to make it stronger and more durable.

The company name was engraved into the foam

Last phase - We painted it with black and green paint, then spray painted the logo and "made in USA" with gold paint onto the tool, using templates


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