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Fabricating 18ft Plane Prop for "Christmas at Central Church"

We created this foam prop for a large holiday celebrations of Central Church, NV, December 24th 2022.

The plane prop is 18ft wing to wing and 13ft from front to tail.

We machined it from 2lbs EPS foam. First, we broken up the design into sections:

- 2 wings

- Fuselage (made in 3 sections)

- Tail (3 sections for the horizontal tail / 1 section for the vertical tail)

- 2 engines machined separately

- 2 propellors machined separately

Due to the size of each wing, we could not just glue the wings to the fuselage - it will not hold and would not be safe, so we had to come up with a more creative way to hold them all together

We placed 2 hollow tubes in each wing, about 1.5" in diameter. We embedded (2) of 1.5" rods into the fuselage that connected into the pipes inside the wings.

That was a great solution also for transportation - The propellors, the wings and the fuselage were all removable, so it did not take up so much space.

We painted all parts of the plane a grey acrylic paint color, then printed decals and stickers using our wide format vinyl printer, to glue onto the plane.

All disassebled parts were put inside the truck heading from Sunnyvale California to Henderson Nevada for the big Christmas event at Central Church. They did a great job assembling all parts on site and hunging it from the ceiling, with the plane being able to be lowered onto the stage and lifted up as needed. The plave weighed about 100lbs.


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