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Experience the 90's Through Foam Props

We went back to the Experience the 90's Museum in Topanga Mall, Canoga Park LA to visit and see how they utilized our foam props we fabricated for them.

The museum's creative team did a fantastic job with all the space and created a great atmosphere, taking everyone in a time machine to the 90's childhood

We spotted our oversize cell phone hanging on the wall at the entrance.

Remember the first cell phones ever created and how big they were?

The museum is awesome, creating experience for any socially engaged individuals who want to celebrate all things ’90s.

The museum is a playful experience celebrating the ’90s, with colorfully themed photo rooms, creative set designs, and nostalgic art

Spotted also the large Discman prop we created and the Nintendo Switch Controller on the entrance wall.

Wow, buttons look so realistic!

This museum is a limited-time pop-up, a second location to the one in Oakland, CA.

It is perfect for the ‘90s obsessed, pop culture fans, families and anyone looking to create content on social media.

Great Instagram and camera shots

Look at the Nintendo Controller - Can you tell it's not real?

Well, the size kind of giving it away...

The large Smiley Face prop is hanging from the ceiling and the illuminated 90's sign we made with LED lights on the wall lighting up the game show pods

Colorful 90's art and rooms, great for photos and selfies.

Experience that uses all senses: see, touch & fell, taste, smell, listen and experience the 90's at their best


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