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Event Décor for Mudita-Earth (ME) New Company Launch

We were honored to take place in fabrication of props and décor for an extravagant event in Pleasanton, CA for the launch of a new site and new health and beauty products for Mudita Earth - Botanical based beauty care that's environmental friendly.

The creations were a collaboration with Magnetic Magnificent Event Planner and with Bova Events Floral Design Studio.

We created several decorative wall panels by cutting out foam blocks to size, then gluing adhesive backing vinyl designed prints onto the EPS foam. We smoothed the vinyl so to eliminate any air bubbles as possible making sure the vinyl will catch nicely onto the foam.

We installed and placed the decorative walls at the event, then Bova Studio decorated it with gorgeous flowers giving it a warm touch and spectacular look.

We also created floating pool letters # MUDITA EARTH at 3ft tall. We cut them on our CNC hot wire foam cutter, painted them blue and made a slit at the back of each letter to be able to pass a wire to hold them together, preventing them from wandering at the pool.

The windy weather was not ideal but Joseph, our dedicated employee overcame all obstacles using his vast experience with launching events


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