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Creating Oversize Wood Planters

All of our custom planter boxes are built to withstand its elements and to our customer's specifications . We build strong, sturdy, durable planter boxes and flower potties out of any outdoor wood of your choice, for ex: IPE, Cedar, Redwood, reclaimed and recycled wood.

Wooden planter is a cost-effective and easy way to save on space yet making it aesthetic, and they are great for outdoor and indoor as well.

Here are 8ft planters we fabricated from Redwood

As a first step, the customer advises us of the size he needs and the specific wood material he is envisioning.

We cut the wood material down to the correct size using an electric saw, as well as the piece at the bottom to act as the floor of the planter and also as a weed barrier.

We machine the grooves on the sides using a CNC router milling machine.

We cut the top "wood lips" from a 2'x4' wood pieces, using a saw, at a 45 degrees angle.

All wood pieces are then fastened together with glue and nails, to align the adjusting boards together.

We drill drainage holes at the bottom of the box so that the plant roots will not go bad from being soaked in water for too long.

We place a piece of vinyl screen mash inside the box, the size of its floor, to protect the wood and anchor it with nails, staple it to the bottom, then drill drainage holes through that as well.

We sand the wood to a smooth finish if needed, depending on the wood we use, and to give it a nice finish look, then use liquid wood preservative to protect it from moisture.

paint with prime and stain.

Different materials can be combined in one planter: PVC, fiberglass, wood, metal and stone, as well as various stain colors.

Further customization can include logo engraving in the wood, stand holders, wheels, oversize planters, lighted planters with LED lights and power sources, all can be made in the style you need.

Wood planters will a more beautiful and Eco-friendly environment. Great for roofs, decks, patios and outdoors for home owners, urban gardeners and landscapers, architects, contractors, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, businesses and for condo boards.


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