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Creating Life-Size and Large-Scale Props

We love creating custom foam prop for any type of industry.

We fabricate theaters and movie sets props, theme parks props and decor, parade floats, rade show props, museum displays, foam sculptures, props for weddings and other events, miniature golf props, paintball and laser tags facilities props - only naming a few.

Most of our customers prefer the use of foam for the props, however, we also use other types of materials, such as acrylics, wood, light metals and more.

We machine our props using our 3 and 4 axis routers, then we sand them, coat them and paint over them. We also carve them manually if needed to facilitate aesthetic and attractive appearance and to make it look "alive".

Since we create very large scale props, we can machine them in sections and glue the pieces together to create the full scale end version. Our props can be 100 feet wide and more.

In 2009 WeCutFoam and Foamlinx created the Berkeley Art Museum Exhibit called BamScape - We created over 50 modern wave-like seats by machining high density EPS foam, covering it with plywood and painting it. The result was an interactive exhibit where the students and guests can relax, read, and do their homework.

In 2010 we created a full scale 1937 Renault Truck replica prop for a museum. We began by scanning a small truck in our 3D printer to create a 3D CAD file, machined it in sections with our CNC router, glued the parts together and sanded it. Then we sprayed it with our polyurea hard coat and painted it. Lastly, we glued all the small parts such as the wheel, headlights, etc.

In 2013 we fabricated decorations and settings for a celebrity wedding in Big Sur, CA. We created a 60ft wide castle ruins made of 6 walls sections, a 12ft tall Celtic hand-carved cross, Roman sculptures, dragons, planters and different types of setting, all large scale.


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