Additive Value of Decorative Wall Panels

Wall panels are a great way to upgrade any room, enhancing exterior and interior spaces with a contemporary modern design for residential and commercial use, but they also provide architectural acoustic solution.

Wall panels designs are endless and different materials can be used - wood, MDF, plexiglass and concrete. Decorative interior wall paneling is an efficient way for achieving great interior spaces. A living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, your business space or commercial setting will elevate with wall paneling idea. We fabricate all wood,MDF, HDU and Plexiglass panels by milling them on our CNC routers

Concrete precast textured wall panels are fabricated by creating a design of foam mold (negative mold), machined on a CNC router. The concrete is then poured onto the foam, creating the positive product. Here is an example of waves concrete wall design

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