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3D Printing Helmet Movie Prop

We wanted to share with you the stages and process by which we fabricated a custom 3D printed helmet, Star-Wars-like movie prop.

We started out by designing the helmet using Fusion360 3D CAD program

Here is the rendering of the 3D CAD software showing how the end result will look like

Next step was to 3D print all parts on our 3D printer using ABS material

We then glued all layers together, using Superglue, to create the unified helmet.

We sanded the prop using an orbital sander as well as 400 Grit sand paper.

Once done with sanding, we applied Spackle over all layers glued lines to get rid of the visible print lines, and then sanded some more

In the next step, we sprayed 6 coats of filler primer. We sanded again each layer once dried to get the desired smooth finish

Once the helmet was smooth enough we painted it using automotive metallic paint

The last stage was to add the visor. We used a thick one that would not bend yet would still be transparent

If you want to see more of our 3D printing projects and our prototyping projects, visit us at and


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