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Fabricating Oversized over 10ft Letters and Banners for Strike Out Slavery

We were honored to fabricate large scale, oversize letters, logo and banners for Major League Baseball games, fighting against modern slavery and human trafficking - "STRIKE OUT SLAVERY".

Oversized foam letter at 10.5ft high

We started out by hot wire cutting three large "K" letters at over 10ft tall from 2lbs EPS foam. We created the letters in 2 sections, glued them, patched them with dry wall mud, then sanded and smoothed it to eliminate the gluing sim.

Oversized foam letter made in 2 sections

Oversized foam letter made in sections

We then hard coated the oversize letters with Polyurea hard coat and painted them orange

Oversize painted foam letters over 10ft tall

For the next phase we printed the logo of the "Strike Out Slavery" on adhesive vinyl using our wide format Mutoh printer. Since the logo was wider than the letter, we glued the vinyl logo onto Sintra which we glued onto the "K" letters and screwed them on to stay in place.

Adhesive vinyl logo print

We had to build custom large crates with wheels to hold the large letters and protect them in transportation.

Oversized foam letters in custom large crates

Oversized Strike Out Slavery Letter

Next we fabricated the banner with the same process - We cut the banner shape out of 2lbs EPS foam on our hot wire foam cutter, applied Polyurea hard coat, printed the design on adhesive vinyl, glued it on the foam then glued the vinyl logo on top. We screwed metal rods in the back on the 2 sides so the banner can be attached to a high metal structure.

Cutting the foam base for the banner
Strike Out Slavery logo banner

Here is the banner hanging up high and the Large "K" at the entrance to the football stadium

Large logo banner hanging on a metal structure

Oversize K letter at entrance to the football stadium

For more information and to see some more of our fabrications visit our Instagram page

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