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Vinyl Printing Over Foam Shapes

WeCutFoam, among the only to be mounting vinyl printed patterns over foam blocks and shapes. Creating vivid live projects that cannot be achieved with painting, such as gradient colors or complex patterns.

Here is how we fabricated 8ft tall exclamation points props with adhesive prints wrapped all around the foam for a Trade Show.

Illuminated foam letter with LED back lights

First, using our CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter and EPS foam, we cut the desired exclamation points to 8ft tall and about 20" wide and deep. Here is how the raw cut foam looked like

EPS foam logo

We then applied epoxy hard coat to the foam. This made the foam smoother, and provided protection from dings and dents.

Using our Mutoh Value Jet Wide Format Printer, we printed all 6 sides on a 6 mill thick adhesive film paper. The front side had the "own it" design, the rest 5 sides were printed plain purple.

Since the film paper is thick, it covered the imperfections of the foam and there was no need to smooth it after the application. We start at the top and working our way to the bottom whole removing the protective later attached to the printed adhesive paper.

Illuminated Foam Letter

Illuminated Foam Letter

Wide format printing

Typically, for printing on foam, the customer provided us the ai file or eps file of the print. In this case we were provided PDF file. We then scaled it to fit the size of the foam shape being 8ft tall.

To make it seems like the top part of the exclamation point is floating on the bottom part, we glued 2 quarter inch acrylic sheets to the top and bottom parts so the look sustained in the air.

printing on foam logo
Printing on foam logo
Vinyl printing foam wrapping

To learn more about our projects and capabilities for printing on foam or fabricating letters, signs, logo, props and exhibits, visit us at

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