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Fabricating LED Backlights Halo Effect on Foam Letters

Have you seen those lit up letters looking as if they have a halo around them and wondered how they are made?

At WeCutFoam we fabricate those with EPS foam

Illuminated foam letter with LED back lights

First, we cut the letter, sign or character using our CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter. We use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) which serves as a good base for the LED lights.

Dimensional Foam Letter
CNC hot wire foam cutter

We then cut another piece of foam, identical to the original shape, yet 1" smaller on each side, and we glue the smaller piece to the back of the letter. We use 5 minute Epoxy, which is a glue that will not melt the foam, unlike other types of glue out there.

5 min epoxy glue

We cut the LED strip to the length required, then glue the strip on the 1" margins with the same 5min epoxy. The LED is glued to the back of the letter so that the light will reflect from the wall creating a halo effect. The LED lights can be to any color chosen.

LED Strip

LED strip

The LED has a cord to be plugged in the socket as well as a power supply, since the LED lights are 12V and the outlet is 110V, the power supply reduces the power.

Illuminated LED foam letters with halo effect
Illuminated LED back lighting foam letters halo effect
Illuminated Foam Letter
Illuminated Foam Letter
Halo Effect on foam letter

Here is a video showing the process of cutting the foam shape and placing the LED

To see more of our foam cutting and machining projects, visit our website

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