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Frequently Asked Quesions - FAQ

You got questions? We are here to help

CNC wood machining

Q - Do you only cut foam?
A - Definitely not. We are named 'WeCutFoam"; However, we also cut and machine wood, plastics, acrylics, PVC, aluminum,  cardboard and other materials.

CNC wood machining

Q - What tools or equipment do you use to cut the foam?

A - We use CNC foam cutting machinery to cut the foam. More specifically - We use CNC Hot Wire Cutters to cut foam for creating any 2D or 2.5D shapes, including letters, logo, signs and more. We use CNC routers to machine materials for creating 3D shapes, including props, sculptures, artwork, prototypes and more. We use CNC laser cutter for any engraving jobs as well as for cutting EVA craft foam and foam for inserts and packaging. We use Oscillating Knife Cutter for cutting soft and flexible foam.

CNC wood machining

Q - What type of machinery do you have in your shop?

A - We carry CNC hot wire foam cutters, CNC routers milling machines, CNC laser cutters, Vinyl printer, 3D scanner, 3D printer and Oscillating knife cutter

Q - What type of foam can you cut with your machines?
A - We cut and machine the following:

* EPS (Expended Polystyrene)  XPS (Extruded Polystyrene)
* EPP (Expended Polypropylene)
* PE (Polyethylene) & XPE
* Sintra
* PU Polyurethane / Urethane foam including HDU (High Density Urethane) also known as Tooling Foam
* EVA (also known as Craft foam or fun foam)
We can also cut wood, aluminum, corrugated plastics, acrylics, cardboard, PVC and foam core

FC5050 Medium foam cutter

Q - What type of products do you make or create?
A - We fabricate custom foam, wood and plastic products, including props, logos, dimensional letters, stage letters, indoor and outdoor signs, illuminated signs and letters with LED or Marquee lights, museum exhibits and displays, events and weddings decor, trade show booth, store decor, sculptures, statues and artwork, prototypes, composites, inserts and packaging products, wings, airfoils, cores and fuselages, hobby models and much more.

BYOMA bottle prop by WeCutFoam

Q - What industries purchase your products?
A - Our customers consists of almost endless types of industries. Among them you can find sign shops, museums, trade show organizers, event planners, marketing companies, sculptors and artisans, retail stores, churches and temples, universities and other academic schools, research & development, marine, aerospace, aeronautics, Ted talks organizers and many more.

Q - Isn't the foam brittle? What do you do to protect it?
A - Some types of foam by themselves are indeed brittle and might break. For products being touched, being placed outside or those needed for a prolonged period of time we coat the foam products with hard coat. The coating also protects from water and humidity damage, sun and corrosion. There are many types of hard coating and we use them in accordance to our customers' requirements and product applications. Some might include: Epoxy hard coating whivh can be applied by spraying or brushing, Polyurea hard coating which we apply with a reactor and a spray gun system, rubber coating, Polyurethane coating and more.

Museum Exhibit Hard Coating

Q - Do you ship locally only in CA? Or everywhere in the U.S?
A - We ship our products to all U.S states and even internationally. Smaller products can be shipped in boxes with UPS or FedEx, larger ones are placed in pallets or crates and are sent with a freight carrier.

Q - Do you cut TED and TEDx letters? Do you adhere to the organizers' rules?
A - Yes, we have fabricated many TED event signs and we follow all the rules and guidelines. The TEDx letters are painted in red and the extension letters in white, they can be made with or without a base, wit the "x" on the ground or in the air with a "floating" effect, and can be made to any size. 


Q - How do you protect the foam products during transportation?
A - For smaller jobs shipped in a box, we pad it using foam sheets, cushions and/or plastic wrap. For larger jobs, we build either cardboard pallets or wooden crates to hold it and protect it during transportation. While we understand that things might happen while on the road, we do everything in our power to make sure that once it leaves our facility it is well secured and protected.

Foamlinx Crates

Q - What files format do you need in order to provide a quote and to cut?
A - For 2D jobs we would need a DXF file. For 3D projects we can use STEP / Rhino3D / IGES / 3DM / SLDPRT / STL / OBJ. For letters, signs, logos we can use either an email description with size or an art file. If you do not have a CAD file, you can look up any on TurboSquid

Q - Can you also produce vinyl printed letters and logos?
A - We sure can. We have a vinyl printer and we print vinyl designs on adhesive backed posters. We then glue the vinyl onto foam letters, logos, signs and displays. This is especially great to use for complicated designs that cannot be hand painted and/or to save time on painting.

Vinyl Sign with 3D Props

Q - How big of a prop can you make?
A - There is actually no limit to the size of a prop or any foam decor we can make. We fabricate custom props from few inches and up to tens of feet and as big as a life size plane, truck, boat and cars. When the foam project is larger than the block of foam, we make it in sections and glue them together, then patch oit to eliminate the sim.

Medieval Themed Wedding Decor

Q - Do you also cut soft foam? Or just rigid ones?
A - We recently purchased an Oscillating Knife cutter and are now providing services for soft and flexible foam cutting. The knife cutter is also able to cut PVX, acrylics, rubber, cardboard and urethane, and all with precise cuts and smooth edges.

oscillating knife cutting

Q - Do you create prototypes only by machining method, or can you also 3D print?
A - We can definitely do both. We carry multiple CNC routers as well as 3D printers, with the printers we use PLA, ABS and PVA materials.

Helmet Prop

Q - What other services do you provide?
A - Apart from cutting, machining and prototyping, we also provide hard coating, 3D printing, painting, vinyl printing, foam recycling, custom crates building, custom concrete fire pits and products

Mudita Earth vinyl printed decor
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