Foam Cutting, Machining &

Prototyping Services

WeCutFoam specializes in Custom Props, Dimensional Signs, 
Large Stage Foam Letters, Museum Exhibits, Set & Scenic Fabrication, Store Displays, Vinyl Printing, Prototypes

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We specializes in custom foam cutting, machining and prototyping out of EPS, XPS, EPP, RenShape, MDF, EVA, Tooling Foam, acrylics and plexiglass. Projects ranging from a few inches and up to 60' x 30' and more. Full scale racing cars, trucks and airplanes, prototypes, mock ups, molds making for composites, concrete molds and foam modeling.

We fabricate custom indoor and outdoor dimensional signs, logo, large foam letters, stage letters, numbers, props, displays, exhibits, foam replica and sculptures, architectural shapes, packaging, wings and prototyping 

2D Services

Hot Wire CNC foam Cutting is similar to wire EDM cutting and usually creats a nice and smooth surface finish.
We cut EPS, XPS and EPP foam with our CNC hot wire foam cutters, creating 2D projects.
We create signs, logo, stage letters, large dimensional foam letters, props, backdrops, billboards, exhibits and displays for movies, theaters, museums, trade shows, sign shops, stores, wedding planners, weddings and events.

Custom Signs 

Vinyl Printing on Foam

Illuminated Letters

Large Foam Letters, Logos 
& Numbers

TED Talks & TEDx Sign Letters

Oversize Letters


3D Services

We machine different types of foam such as EPS, XPS and EPP, as well as plastics, acrylics and wood, RenShape, soft and rigid polyurethane and PU tooling foam.
We fabricate custom 3D props and logos, prototypes, museum exhibits and displays, theater and movie sets and scenes. We also specialize in prototyping, small run production, mock ups, foam modeling, composites and molds.
We combine our foam creations with different types of materials, including steel, wood, concrete, glass and plastics.
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Museum Exhibits

Foam Props & Displays

CNC Prototyping

Architectural Shapes


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