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How We Fabricated Berkeley Art Museum Exhibit with Architect Thom Faulders

The Berkley Art Museum project took 3 month from start to finish, With more than 160 pieces, most 8' in length.

We started out with over 100 blocks of EPS 1LB foam and lots of plywood

We cut the blocks of foam into modules shapes using our CNC hot wire foam cutter

We covered each piece with 1/8" plywood on both sides

and 1/4" wiggle wood from the top

Each piece of module (covered with the plywodd) was primed

then painted bright orange

All pieces were glued and mounted to one another, then we glued anti slip pads onto each unit

All module pieces were installed at Berkeley Art Museum and electric sockets were added to them to enable visitors to hook up their laptops

The end result is an interactive Living Art, "serving as a site for rest, relaxation, and study, as well as a platform for the experience of live performance and multimedia events".

Fabricator - WeCutFoam

1248 Birchwood Drive

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

T 408 454 6163 Like us on Facebook Visit us on Instagram Our Twitter Link We are on Pinterest as well

Architect - Thom Faulders FAULDERS STUDIO 1571 Ninth Street Berkeley, CA 94710 USA T 510.693.0013

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