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Fabricating Combo 2D Vinyl Sign & 3D Prop

WeCutFoam not only added wide format printing to its services offered, but also specializes in combination of 2 dimensional printed vinyl signs and letters with 3 dimensional props.

Here is a sign we made for a Community Church "Me & My Big Mouth".

3D foam prop protruding from vinyl printed sign

Combo of 2D printed foam sign with 3D foam prop

We started out with 2D outline of the mouth prop, and drew it in 3D using Rhino file.

Using out CNC router, we machined the mouth at about 3ft wide.

We applied Epoxy hard coating to it and then painted the gums and the teeth.

We then printed the 2D designed sign itself on adhesive vinyl paper using out Mutoh Wide Printer and wrapped it on a foam board block. We cut a hole inside the sign to fit the teeth prop and using 5 minute epoxy we glued it to the vinyl wrapped sign (the foam prop cannot adhere to the vinyl material, therefor we had to fit it into the sign by cutting into it).

Adhesive vinyl foam sign with 3D foam prop

We embedded eye hooks onto the back of the foam sign by gluing them to plywood pieces glued to the foam, so the whole sign can be hung from the ceiling using cables.

To view more signs wrapped in adhesive vinyl designed printed paper, visit our page:

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